What`s the resolution?



Scanning slides is possible in different resolutions, the common metric is dpi, i. e. dots per inch. In digitizing it means: how many pixels will be resolved from scanning an analog image area of one inch (2,54cm). The higher this number is, the more pixels of picture, the larger the image, the more time to scan.

Scanning slides and negatives are possible with 1200, 2400, 4800 – and in extreme cases – 6400dpi resolution.



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1200dpi is sufficient for general usage, which is suitable for printing a 9x13cm photo and exceeds the size of a normal size of a screen, almost fills a fullHD screen (for 24*36 mm Leica slide). 90% of our customers chooses this option, digitzing is fast and it is cheaper even with higher number of pieces. Digital picture size in pixels: about 1100*1600px. Size of print: 9*13cm.



We recommend 2400dpi for watching on HDTV, printing in A4 size, making enlargements and qualitative archiving. Digital picture size in pixels: about 2200*3200px. Size of print: 18*25,7cm.



4800dpi is only suggested for printing posters. Scanning above 2400dpi doesn`t mean more details on the pictures. Many think, analog pictures can be enlarged to „infinity”, but it isn`t true. Photograps also have their grains, so their resolution is finite. Beyond 2400dpi only the „analog pixels” will get bigger. Digital picture size in pixels: 4400*6400px. Size of print: 36*51,5cm.




Sample pictures in 1200dpi:


Slide -negative roll and other transparent film scanning

- The films will be cleaned;

- Rotated, cropped images with restored colors;

- With a short retouch for clearing scratches;

- Copied to uniquely named folders;

- Above 100 pictures the DVD burning is included in price.

Taking apart framed slides, then putting them together:  0.07+0.07 £/pcs
3 minutes retouch per image 1.5 £
Retouching of images per minute 0.5 £/min
Scanning in order More>> 100% extra charge 
Slide and photo negative scanning
(Meaning: 24*36 mm/Leica frame/normal film/135 film)
1200 dpi      (1100*1600 pixel)   0.29 £
2400 dpi     (2200*3200 pixel)   0.49 £
4800 dpi     (4400*6400 pixel)   1.9 £

Medium format silde, negative scanning
glass negative, 6x4,5, 6x6, 6x9 etc.)

1200 dpi   0,99 £
2400 dpi   1.9 £
4800 dpi   3.6 £
X-ray, radiography scanning 300 dpi
Dental images, or sized below 20*25 cm   1,99 £
Large size: chest radiography, limb radiography, etc.   4.99 £
Microfilm scanning
By frame 4800 or 6400 dpi   0.99 £
110 film scanning
2400 dpi   0.7 £
4800 dpi   2.99 £