Digitizing is the only way to make your memories immortal!

We can help with your hard-to-store and continously deteriorating memories to be easily accessible from a small item without further degradation. Memorescue has one of the country’s biggest capacity in digitizing and we happily deal with any size of order: From one photo restoration to even room sized archives. We try to give the most detailed information on our site to help you decide how to treat your memories best and digitizing. Have a nice browse!

Our solution-oriented, perfectionist team is waiting for your dearest relics!



2016.01.15: From now, we can transfer contacts and messages from old mobile phones!

2015.12.24: Merry christmas to our customers, we wish you many great new memories!

2015.09.10: Our new  team member Daniel has arrived, he is a graphic designer.

2015.06.24: Now we are able to record vinyl at 96/24bit resolution!

If you send us a HDD or USB stick, we can copy your memories on that too!

We've already worked for them:


Last year you made me great DVD from my VHS cassettes. The DVD case can contain 10 discs, so I can store all of my video discs in one case. Great idea! Thanks for your help, soon I will digitize my framed slides with you.


Dear Memorescue team!

The package has arrived, it took a whole weekend to see all the images you made from my grandparent`s slides. You did a great job, we had a wonderful weekend!

Wolfgang M. - Berlin

Dia digitalizálás tisztítással!WILL YOU CLEAN MY SLIDES?
Every scanning starts with the cleaning of the films: If it has a frame with glass, we take the slide out to wipe with film cleaning chemicals and dust-proof wipes. They will dissolve the dirt and grease but preserve the colours. This way the time of retouching is shortened, the quality is better. As far as we know we are the only ones scanning slides or negatives in this way.


Film digitalizálás ajándéknak!UNIQUE VIDEO AS A GIFT
You would like to give a video compilation to a friend or a family member? Bring the whole collection of memories, we make the transfer, then you can write a script of the sequence of the pieces. You can also bring your own music, we will mix it to fit the video.


Füzet digitalizálás PDF-be!READ IT ANYWHERE!
You have valuable books and booklets, which you would always like to have with you? Or maybe you would like to read them on a Tablet or a Laptop? After digitizing we can convert it to PDF so you can bring these with you always. The scanning is made with a feeder or a flatbed scanner depending on the material. We can create a simple PDF of a picture or with OCR, a PDF with text.



Az áraink mindent tartalmaznakEVERYTHING IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE
You will benefit with us! At Emlékmentő the whole service is included in the price
  • the transfer;
  • renewing the image and sound;
  • burning to a DVD;
  • printing the DVDs;
  • multi-disc cases;
  • ..and the FREE copying to any kind of a media!