Film roll transfer to DVD/USB

The movie recording on film rolls is available since the 1890`s. This is the longest used film recording method in our history. The 8mm filming became popular in the early 60`s, and was used until the 90`s, when the compact VHS recorders revealed. But 30 years long, 8mm was the only way to record our relatives and family occasions.

Time damages the old films, after digitizing we adjust the colors, and white balance, to restore the original-near colors. An another problem is the incorrect storage.  The flexible film is getting more rigid year by year.

Memories and the working with memories are not toys:

Years of experience, custom built machines, and expensive softwares are needed for the quality highest available. You can count In years the amount of films we transferred to DVD. We are proud, that we are one of the most experienced studio in central europe. Let us transfer your irreplaceable memories, and you can see again them on DVD, with restored colors!
After the DVD transfer:

-You can store your films in safe, without loss of quality;

-They beacame portable, playabl by any computer, or DVD player;

-You can easily cut, edit, and organize them;

-You can share any of your videos on the internet, and on social websites;

-You can be proud of your foresight:)
We make DVDs, or video files from any film formats:
35mm movie format 16mm 16mm with sound 9,5mm Super8 Super8 with sound Normal 8mm
The most popular from our film related services is 8mm transfer. If you don`t know the running time of the reels, with this little help you can calculate it. Measure the diameters first:
7,5 cm
15 m
3-4 mins
13,5 cm
60 m
10-12 mins
15,5 cm
90 m
18-20 mins
18,5 cm
120 m
28-32 mins

Roll film transfer to DVD, USB

Film processing  
8mm film roll development with lab equipment 49.9 £ /reel
35mm photo roll development with lab equipment 9.9 £ /reel
35mm ORWO made photo roll development with lab equipment 24.9 £ /reel




- With tape cleaning;
- Recording with a custom built projector;
- With color renewal.

(The base price contains 10 minutes of transfer)

    11 minutes cost

8mm transfer (Super8, N8), one menu item is one roll                            

1.39 £ /min                        15.29 £

9,5mm transfer

4.99 £ /min 54.89 £   
16mm transfer 4.99 £ /min 54.89 £ 
35mm transfer 9.99 £ /min 109.89 £