Terms and Conditions



1. Responsibility for the quality of the received media and its content

Responsibility for the quality:

Supplier shall not be liable for the dysfunction of the received media and any incidental problems arisen during the digitizing process. Supplier grants the preservation of the given medias content and its original condition, and the high quality of the digitized contents considering the capacity of the new medias and usual using practices. In the event of a dispute between the parties, Customer has to prove that the reason of dysfunction or other faults of the given media has occurred after the handover to supplier.


Content responsibility:

The supplier is not liable for the content of the given media, this is the Customer`s responsibility.

Customer states, that he/she has the rights by the copyright law to make at least one copy of his media or have it done, and may use the copy only for personal purposes.

Provider expressly excludes any liability of damages, fines or public burdens has to paid by buyer because of any illegal action for the benefit of any third persons, including the Hungarian State or any authority and state organization.


Personal privacy:

Provider states, the personal information or data of the Customer will be managed confidentially, will not pass to third persons, and will not be used for personal purposes, except in case the content of medias is a proof of implementation of crime, and it is compulsory to pass them to the investigating or other state authorities. Provider states, that after seven days from the completed transfer, the data will be deleted from provider’s hard drives unrecoverably, and under no circumstances be stored longer. As a result the digitizing of the same content is possible only by beginning a new order. The contents of an order might be modified within two workdays from the day of order. In case of modification the provider shall charge the price of modification based on the current price list.


2. The digitizing method and process:

Our service and workflow steps follows the buyers unique needs as recorded on our worksheet.


VHS, Vhs-c, Video8, Hi8, Digital8, miniDV:

First, we create a separate data storage folder for every customer. Then we start the capture software, set the default saving folder and will rewind the inserted cassette. After rewinding, we start the recording with capture software and start the playback on a cassette player. If the recorded program finishes, but the cassette does not, we wait ten minutes before stopping the capture on computer. The next step is cutting the recorded video. We split them into 90 to 100 minutes parts, we add 5 minutes long chapters and the titles recorded on the cassettes. Lastly we burn the video on to DVD, or finalize the video file on the Hard Drive depending on buyers demand.



Magnetic cassette, vinyl disc, magnetic roll transfer process:

As written above with a difference that we place the cassette/disc/reel to cassette player/vinyl player/magnet band player, and we will make sure the signal is at normal strength. At the end of the process we divide the recorded audio signal to tracks, we process noise filtering, and burn on a CD. We print the cassette title on the CD, and check whether is there any fault on the record.


Slide, photo scanning:

As written above, with a difference that we use a scanning program to scan photographs. After setting a default folder, we prepare the glass slides: We cut out the images with frames, and the negatives will be trimmed to 6 image parts. We set the scanning resolution and set the scanning frames on computer. After finishing the scan, we put back the images to the original frames. Then the digital images will be rotated, cut, and color corrected. The final step is jpg conversion and DVD burning, or copying onto chosen hard drive. We check the disc, print the image types on it, and put it in a case.


8mm- 16mm- 35mm film transfer

After takeover, all reels will be uniquely labeled and numbered for the sake of identification. After labeling we send the reels to our film transfer studio, where the transfer completes. We fill a delivery receipt at every shipping. The cleaned, filtered raw MPG recordings shall be finished within 30 days at the latest with the unharmed reels. We create DVD menus titled by reel names, and burn them to DVD discs. We always check the DVD before giving to customer.


3. Storing of orders

Customer will get an SMS message about finishing the work and final price of his/her order. Further steps of the process will explained by our employee. If the customer will not come for his order in 30 days after receiving the SMS, our company will charge 1000 HUF daily for storage, until its leave. Our company is entitled to hold back the finished media until the payment of the storage fee.


4. Privacy

The registration information is intended solely for the fulfillment of orders to strengthen the traceability. In accordance with the legal requirements, registered customers have the right to ask for information regarding their stored personal data, edit them or delete them from our system. By signing this information sheet, customer will agree that service provider will know his personal data, and use them only for completing his orders.

Our company states, that the recording of personal data is made by our employees, no contributor will be involved. Customers personal data will be stored on the company’s servers. We store the saved information for one week. Personal information of our customers will be known only by our own employees. In all cases, handling of personal data is made in accordance with the Hungarian legislation.


5.Prices, VAT:

Customer agrees, that the price of the service sometimes cannot be accurately determined. Rarely final price may even be the double-triple of the default price. When digitizing is finished, Customer will be informed about the price in SMS or e-mail message. The price communicated by the Service Provider is for reference only, the final price may differ from this because of the technical characteristics of the service. The reason is, some medias storage content is only visible and countable at the end of the whole transfer process. Service provider may hold back the given media and the saved data from them until payment is completed.