About Us

Our Goals:

Our purpose is to spread our so much missed services around Europe. We renew and digitize memories for seven years, our experiences and professional attitude is valuable for people.

As a first step, from 2014 our range is available in the UK. In 2015, our company opened subsidiary in London.


The most important knowledge about us:


-Our studio`s archiving capacity is of the biggest in Hungary;

-The office is highly secured (four cameras, alarm partols, fire alarms, device and liability insurance);

-We care about any types and kind of problems: digitalizing from one ID picture to thousands of photograps;

-We run professional, full range and personalized service;

-We have created an advanced work management with a precise process description through the years;

-The owned machines and devices represent the leading edge of the world;

-We take full responsibility for our work.



The story of Memorescue:


I am Balázs Szokolai, the co-owner of Memorescue Ltd.

My enterprise grew from a need in our family.

A few years ago we wanted to make a musical slideshow from my partner`s childhood slides as a gift for the grandparents. After a little research we found out, there are two types of companies in this area: some of them are working on cheap devices in their garages and the other half is a handful of professional with excessive prices. We sympathized with the qualitative solution, but scanning hundreds of photograps would have been a fortune.


The thoughts of an archive company started to emerge this time and this would make saving the irreplacable memories available for anybody: with affordable prices and compromise-free devices.

After the resuscitation of my knowledge of the technical higher education, and several months of learning and machine testing, the first generation of our machinery was formed: the memorysaving started. Beside my typographic work I spent the nights with slides and videos in 2009, but after a few months I gave up my job and turned memorysaving into a whole-day ativity as the customer base started to expand. In 2010 the Emlékmentő Kft was formed. This time the work took place in an office place in the VII. district. It was only half a year and we outgrown the place and that summer we moved to the office at Nyugati square, where we worked through four years. After four years, we moved to the Westend City Center, in the sumer of 2014 Since then the work is going on here with five co-workers on six days a week.


Five years after the start-up, as thousand of slides and years-long irreplacable family videos are behind us, I feel we are heading the right way. We are fortunate to have such a varied and responsible work.