The story of 16mm


16mm has made its debut in 1923, as a cheaper version of 35mm film made for amateurs. In 1923 there was a version with sound available, which was a huge boost to its popularity. Many television company and demanding amateurs chose this filmtype and was used widely from World War II until the `60s. Its portability and price was a great advantage over the 35mm film.

Appearance of the 8mm caused the 16mm to loose its popularity among the hobbyists, the crowd gradually shifted to the even cheaper and more compact 8 films. The transfer of these films is done with the same technique as 8mm films, we strive for the best quality available.

One reel will be one menu item on the DVD.

Roll film transfer to DVD, USB

Film processing  
8mm film roll development with lab equipment 49.9 £ /reel
35mm photo roll development with lab equipment 9.9 £ /reel
35mm ORWO made photo roll development with lab equipment 24.9 £ /reel




- With tape cleaning;
- Recording with a custom built projector;
- With color renewal.

(The base price contains 10 minutes of transfer)

    11 minutes cost

8mm transfer (Super8, N8), one menu item is one roll                            

1.39 £ /min                        15.29 £

9,5mm transfer

4.99 £ /min 54.89 £   
16mm transfer 4.99 £ /min 54.89 £ 
35mm transfer 9.99 £ /min 109.89 £