Film processing


Thanks to our partner relationship, processing of 8-16mm film is already available.
Surprisingly you can still buy raw 8mm film and many family memories are shot with them, even documentaries. After shooting the raw material should be processed so it can be projected - this procedure is performed with the film development device. This has nearly 100% success rate on newly shot, fresh raw material. This is not that easy if the film is exposed a long ago, because film has an expiration date, even if it does not get light and is well-stored (in cold), information may disappear. Unfortunately old movies have no guarantee of success. Only after the entire process can we see if anything is left on the film.
Film processing has the price of 14990 HUF per roll and unlike our usual practice we ask it in advance. Film development is very costly, the expensive chemicals for each process must be re-mixed, in addition to raw materials often quite different composition is needed.
Archived (long ago exposed) films have completely variable success rate, no quality can be guaraenteed, because 90% of the success depends on the state of the material. We already saw a movie filmed only a few years ago which has not had any pictures, but also found a 40 years expired film stored in grandma`s freezer, which could be saved with  quality over 90%.

Houston - Fearless Type A - 11
Universal film developer machine from 8 mm to 35 mm, for black and white and color processing

B&H 16 mm contact machine

Roll film transfer to DVD, USB

Film processing  
8mm film roll development with lab equipment 49.9 £ /reel
35mm photo roll development with lab equipment 9.9 £ /reel
35mm ORWO made photo roll development with lab equipment 24.9 £ /reel




- With tape cleaning;
- Recording with a custom built projector;
- With color renewal.

(The base price contains 10 minutes of transfer)

    11 minutes cost

8mm transfer (Super8, N8), one menu item is one roll                            

1.39 £ /min                        15.29 £

9,5mm transfer

4.99 £ /min 54.89 £   
16mm transfer 4.99 £ /min 54.89 £ 
35mm transfer 9.99 £ /min 109.89 £