I have a torn tape, can you repair it?


Torn tape is not a problem, we can repair them. In simpler cases, the tape is outside of its case, we just glue the two parts together. If a part is inside the case, we take it apart, pull out the tape, disassemble the case, and fix it. If the case is glued (no screws) we have to break it up, and change the case to a new one. Wide magnetic bands often bust during playback, so we glue it, rewind a bit, and play again. During sound filtering we cut off these idling parts.


If we have to open the case, repairing is 3€ 

if the tape glueing can be solved without it, it is 2€









-Transferred with qualitative, maintainded device;

-Divided to tracks;

-With noise reduction (background music, hiss, clicks);

-Burned to high-quality Verbatim discs, printed with the title.

LP transfer, filtering, tracking, bruning to CD 9.99 £
MC transfer, filtering, tracking, burning to CD 9.99 £
MONO and STEREO audiotape transfer 9.99 £
Minidisc transfer to CD per 45 minutes 6.9 £
DAT cassette transfer to CD per 45 minutes 13.9 £
Dictaphone micro cassette transfer to CD per hours 9.99 £
Editing and cutting of sound recordings per working minutes 0.49 £
Burning on long lasting CD 9.99 £
You can also ask for an Exact copy!

We scan the cover of your cassette or vinyl disc, retouch it, and transform to a CD cover sized graphic. We also take care of the saddle titles of the CD case.
The CD will be printed with a cover related graphic. It`s a precision graphic work, printed on qualitative photo paper. It`s a high-quality, unique gift!
9.99 £