-How do you improve sound quality?


First, the media must be as clean as possible. There is no problem with cassettes, and magnetic tapes, because dust does not affect the sound quality much, and we do not recommended cleaning a tape, the iron oxide layer is very vulnerable. Before vinyl playback, we clean the disc. Clean it with a damp (with distilled water) cloth, blow it off with oil free air compressor. We do not use any other mechanical cleaning methods, because these are the most gentle way of cleaning without any harm.

After the playback and recording comes the filtering:
Magnetic tape filtering: We can adjust exact wave frequency ranges, or we give our program a clean noise sample, and it will remove that from the whole recording. When the recording contains speech, our clients ask us to strenghten the frequency of speech. It is easy because we have to lower the highest, and lowest frequencies, so the middle where speech usually is will be more understandable. In this case the annoying low-frequency noise mostly disappears because we lowered its sound range.
Vinyl record filtering: Vinyls does not have base noise, but they have pops, clicks, and scratches. Our program was designed to search, and remove these sound errors. Usually it finds thousands of clicks on every disc side. With this technique we can make an enjoyable recording from a badly damaged, 70-80 years old gramophone recordings.









-Transferred with qualitative, maintainded device;

-Divided to tracks;

-With noise reduction (background music, hiss, clicks);

-Burned to high-quality Verbatim discs, printed with the title.

LP transfer, filtering, tracking, bruning to CD 9.99 £
MC transfer, filtering, tracking, burning to CD 9.99 £
MONO and STEREO audiotape transfer 9.99 £
Minidisc transfer to CD per 45 minutes 6.9 £
DAT cassette transfer to CD per 45 minutes 13.9 £
Dictaphone micro cassette transfer to CD per hours 9.99 £
Editing and cutting of sound recordings per working minutes 0.49 £
Burning on long lasting CD 9.99 £
You can also ask for an Exact copy!

We scan the cover of your cassette or vinyl disc, retouch it, and transform to a CD cover sized graphic. We also take care of the saddle titles of the CD case.
The CD will be printed with a cover related graphic. It`s a precision graphic work, printed on qualitative photo paper. It`s a high-quality, unique gift!
9.99 £