-I would give a CD for gift, but I need a front and back label too. Can you make the graphic, and the print?

Of course, we can! You should choose our product called Exact Copy:
This means, we re-manufacture the graphic layout of vinyl, or cassette recording:
-We scan the front, and the back in high resolution;
-Retouch scratches, and folding edges;
-Transform them to the size of a CD case; 
-And we create both spines. 
The track listing will be printed on the disc, or we`ll create a performer-related graphic there. Sometimes people ask us to print the vinyl label on disc.
The perfect copy costs 10 € per CD case. This is NOT photocopying! It is time consuming, high quality graphic work.









-Transferred with qualitative, maintainded device;

-Divided to tracks;

-With noise reduction (background music, hiss, clicks);

-Burned to high-quality Verbatim discs, printed with the title.

LP transfer, filtering, tracking, bruning to CD 9.99 £
MC transfer, filtering, tracking, burning to CD 9.99 £
MONO and STEREO audiotape transfer 9.99 £
Minidisc transfer to CD per 45 minutes 6.9 £
DAT cassette transfer to CD per 45 minutes 13.9 £
Dictaphone micro cassette transfer to CD per hours 9.99 £
Editing and cutting of sound recordings per working minutes 0.49 £
Burning on long lasting CD 9.99 £
You can also ask for an Exact copy!

We scan the cover of your cassette or vinyl disc, retouch it, and transform to a CD cover sized graphic. We also take care of the saddle titles of the CD case.
The CD will be printed with a cover related graphic. It`s a precision graphic work, printed on qualitative photo paper. It`s a high-quality, unique gift!
9.99 £