You can also so the transfer with a tuner card, but only in poor quality. You memories deserve more than that. Many people does not think about it: quality can only be produced with quality equipment, expensive software and years of experience. The first is that the computer should get a better quality signal. To do this, you need a lot of video, you had to watch which gives off the most beautiful in the picture and the sound. Then you have to filter the signal. TV tuner cards are developed to receive and transfer TV signals which are always clean, free of faults in the picture of recordings. However videotapes are full of them, even the best recordings: they are noisy, the colors are striped, time-based errors are common and sync signal can be canceled. A tuner card can not do anything with these problems: the image will run, the colors will streak, and if all goes well, the image will differ from the sound.
Many of our customers tried to digitize at home and got tired of it: there was or was no image, the sound disappeared or differed from the video, the image had stripes on it or all together. And finally if you have a good signal, the compression is next. With an inadequate hardware only vague picture can be transferred, but it is very easy to set the settings wrong, because not everyone can spend years to getting experience with the device.

Enthusiastic amateurs often raise the question in forums: how can they transfer a perfect recording with X money and X time? The pros always cool them: "Have three times of the budget, just like the dedication of time and you will have a good outcome."

Video cassette transfer to DVD or USB

VHS, VHS-C, Video8, Hi8, Digital8, miniDV, microMV



  •     With noise filtration (TBC, Comb filter);
  •     If asked on DVD, cutted to 100 minutes parts;
  •     Cassette title printed on DVD;
  •     Quality discs used, only Verbatim;
  •     DVD cases are included;
  •     Prices are by cassettes.
0-60 minutes airtime       (1DVD): 4.9 £
61-100 minutes airtime    (1DVD): 9.9 £
above 100 minutes, every started 100 minutes: 4.9 £
For example, if an E-180 cassette is filled, costs 14.8 £


Other video transfer services

Cassette repairs: torn tape repair, case replacement 3.9 - 14.9 £
Tape inspection for desired programmes 4.9 £
HD mini DV (HDV) cassette transfer 14.9 £
BETACAM-SP, BETAMAX, Laserdisc, U-MATIC, Video2000 transfer by 30 minutes 29.9 £
Conversion of AVCHD recordings per hour of recording 19.9 £
Conversion between video formats per hour of video 19.9 £
Slideshow video editing (moving pictures with music) per workhour 29.9 £
CD/DVD copy (burnt by us) 3.9 £
CD/DVD copy (unknown source) 4.9 - 14.9 £
Video editing by individual needs

0.5£ / min

Video capture into slightly compressed DV-AVI 50% extra charge
American/Japanese NTSC video transfer 50% extra charge
Personal printed disc surface and DVD cover  
Personal printed cover graphics+printing 6.9 £
Personal printed disc graphics+printing 4.9 £