Our machinery, quality-improving




It is vital, that anything is on the tape, you can not make more of it, and which is not on the tape can not be backed up. To transfer the most from the tapes as a first step we play them on reliable, maintained players, then we compensate the image distortion caused by the enlogation of the tape, the small jumps and sync errors by TBC and Comb Filter.





If you want a compromise-free solution, or the record is so weak in quality it is almost unwatchable, we can transfer it with Canopus made analogue-digital converter, too. This machine is the top of the digital restoration, it makes the best in quality by its filters settable to tape errors.


We can transfer into uncompressed DV-AVI with its help, so if you would like to cut your videos at home, you can take it home in this format, as a file. We do not burn DV-AVI on DVD, we would have to cut the videos into plenty of pieces to fit into DVDs. These recordings are to be taken on hard drives, it is easier to handle and to copy on a computer. If you choose this solution, please check your hard drive’s file system to be NTFS, in the other case (FAT32) we can only copy files smaller than 4Gb.

MPEG2 recording of one hour takes 3,7 Gb,
DV-AVI recording of one hour takes 13 Gb.




Video cassette transfer to DVD or USB

VHS, VHS-C, Video8, Hi8, Digital8, miniDV, microMV



  •     With noise filtration (TBC, Comb filter);
  •     If asked on DVD, cutted to 100 minutes parts;
  •     Cassette title printed on DVD;
  •     Quality discs used, only Verbatim;
  •     DVD cases are included;
  •     Prices are by cassettes.
0-60 minutes airtime       (1DVD): 4.9 £
61-100 minutes airtime    (1DVD): 9.9 £
above 100 minutes, every started 100 minutes: 4.9 £
For example, if an E-180 cassette is filled, costs 14.8 £


Other video transfer services

Cassette repairs: torn tape repair, case replacement 3.9 - 14.9 £
Tape inspection for desired programmes 4.9 £
HD mini DV (HDV) cassette transfer 14.9 £
BETACAM-SP, BETAMAX, Laserdisc, U-MATIC, Video2000 transfer by 30 minutes 29.9 £
Conversion of AVCHD recordings per hour of recording 19.9 £
Conversion between video formats per hour of video 19.9 £
Slideshow video editing (moving pictures with music) per workhour 29.9 £
CD/DVD copy (burnt by us) 3.9 £
CD/DVD copy (unknown source) 4.9 - 14.9 £
Video editing by individual needs

0.5£ / min

Video capture into slightly compressed DV-AVI 50% extra charge
American/Japanese NTSC video transfer 50% extra charge
Personal printed disc surface and DVD cover  
Personal printed cover graphics+printing 6.9 £
Personal printed disc graphics+printing 4.9 £