Most of our customers ask:

-Will you take care of my irreplacable memories?


We hope, the answer is comforting: Our work is renewing memories, and it is a really huge responsibility to work with such high value materials. For our and the customers reassurance we developed an individual workflow thorugh the years, which specifies the process and the control points of a certain kind of memory type to be transferred completely whithout any damage and in the highest quality. Each step is documented, it is clearly traceable who, when and where made the workflow step. The main rule in the training of our colleagues:


"Take care of somebody else`s (memory), as if it were yours!"


There is always order and peace in our studio. On one workstation there is only one order, and every work is separated in its own box.
Beside our inner rules, we also care about our office`s security:
We installed a four-cameras, continuous recording system, which also contains fire alarm, motion detector and guard service. Furthermore we have high value device, office and liability insurance, expanding to all our machines and our customer`s values.



Video cassette transfer to DVD or USB

VHS, VHS-C, Video8, Hi8, Digital8, miniDV, microMV



  •     With noise filtration (TBC, Comb filter);
  •     If asked on DVD, cutted to 100 minutes parts;
  •     Cassette title printed on DVD;
  •     Quality discs used, only Verbatim;
  •     DVD cases are included;
  •     Prices are by cassettes.
0-60 minutes airtime       (1DVD): 4.9 £
61-100 minutes airtime    (1DVD): 9.9 £
above 100 minutes, every started 100 minutes: 4.9 £
For example, if an E-180 cassette is filled, costs 14.8 £


Other video transfer services

Cassette repairs: torn tape repair, case replacement 3.9 - 14.9 £
Tape inspection for desired programmes 4.9 £
HD mini DV (HDV) cassette transfer 14.9 £
BETACAM-SP, BETAMAX, Laserdisc, U-MATIC, Video2000 transfer by 30 minutes 29.9 £
Conversion of AVCHD recordings per hour of recording 19.9 £
Conversion between video formats per hour of video 19.9 £
Slideshow video editing (moving pictures with music) per workhour 29.9 £
CD/DVD copy (burnt by us) 3.9 £
CD/DVD copy (unknown source) 4.9 - 14.9 £
Video editing by individual needs

0.5£ / min

Video capture into slightly compressed DV-AVI 50% extra charge
American/Japanese NTSC video transfer 50% extra charge
Personal printed disc surface and DVD cover  
Personal printed cover graphics+printing 6.9 £
Personal printed disc graphics+printing 4.9 £