Long lasting DVD, CD discs


As workers of an archiving company the biggest contentment is knowing that the result of our efforts (the renewed, digitized video, imagery or audio) means many years of pleasure to the owner. Paying attention and qualitative work isn`t enough for long-time preservation, good data sources are also needed. This is the reason we offer medias on different levels of quality, so everyone can choose the more suitable.


As a basic service we approach to data sefety, all our basic fee contains high-quality Verbatim CDs and DVDs. Altough burning at home have only ten years of history, nobody has a lot of experience, but we believe these discs are reliable quality representation. Our own experience shows that a Verbatim disc burned eight years ago is still perfectly readable. During the years of our work nobody brought back their DVD because it became unreadable. Its relative cheapness is also its disadvantage, because you can`t make anything long lasting from cheap materials. It is highly recommended to make a copy every 6-8 years from your discs. The problem has two sides: the paint „perforated” by the laser can grow old or it can oxidize, so the reflective layer under it becomes matte, which makes the DVD`s surface shining. It would be awkward if the DVDs created by us gave up in a few years, so we recommend two options:




-copy the datas to your home PC to different locations;

-or ask for the long lasting DVDs we offer.


There are two types we offer:


1. Kodak Professional DMD


Kodak`s Archiving DVD can be burned by usual DVD writer, the structure is identical with any DVD in the stores. But not the material quality! The used ink is developed to be long-lasting and the reflective layer isn`t out of simple reflecting metal, but 24 carat gold! Gold can`t oxidize, doesn`t become matte in the effect of noble gases. The side from the data layer is out of harder plastic and it is more resistant to scrathes, than usual DVDs.  DVD`s life expectancy is 100 years according to the manufacturer. Kodak DVD survives a hundred years of enviromental impact without any data loss.






2. Millenniata M-Disc, the DVD with 1000 years!


M-Disc can`t be burned with usual DVD writer, however can be played with any DVD player. Burning this DVD needs stronger laser and that`s why the writer has its own cooler. M-Disc uses a completely new recording method: a hard, dark glass were united with a reflective surface (mirror), then by sculpturing the glass by laser the mirror is revealed. M-Disc is created by only artificial materials, which guarantees the ethernal security of data. Its composition is stable from room temperature to 500 Celsius, resists water and noble gases. In a test the disc was put from fluid nitrogen into hot water and it was still readable. Its durability is legendary even in extremist circumstances, it`s no surprise the National Ministry of Defence, also NASA uses it.





Scanning and storing of DOCUMENTS

-Two-sided pages are also accepted;
-In PDF, TIFF, or JPG format;
-As required we scan on 150, 200 or 300 dpi.

The preparation, scanning, saving to image of documents based on condition 0.03 - 0.33 £
OCR processing per page based on preliminary est 0.03 - 0.33 £
Document storing in archive boxes (5-6 folder/box) per boxes 1.19 £/month
Shredding on DIN P-4 level of safety (160 mm² sized confetti is made) per pages 0.05 £

The prices are highly influenced by filing e.g. removal of paperclips, the append type, genotherms, ask for a free survey from our colleague!