Book scanning to pdf


Reasons, why you should have a book in digital format:

-If you need a rare book, that can not be buyed, but you can borrow for a while;

-Books- booklets for school, they can used on tablet PC or you can share them with classmates;

-Books, that exist only in one piece, yearbooks, or old registry books;

-Space saving, you can store a library on your computer.

The first step is the scanning, there are three methods for this:

1. Feeding scanner: The cheapest solution, but the book saddle must be removed by cutting off. By the 2-3mm wide cutting we get the separated book pages. These can scanned with the high speed scanner by feeding the pages. If remain enough space next to text, later the book can be binded together again. Before cutting we separate the cover in one. Scanning is pretty fast with feeding scanner, that`s why its cost is really low. The book scanning this way  costs 0,1€/page, including text recognition (OCR).

2. Flatbed scanner: The book will be harmless except the unfolding.
If there`s a book, that can not be cutted, we scan it with flatbed scanner. We have to make the book really flat, to avoid shadows in the inner side. Afte scanning every page wil lbe straighten digitally.
This costs 0,2€/page including text recognition (OCR).




3. Book photography: If the book must remain harmless (no cuts and fold-lines) we will take photos of the pages. By using this method, books need to be opened only 100-110 degrees. This happens on 18 megapixels, what`s enough for high quality images, small sized letters will be readable too.
Scanning with photography costs 0,3€/page including text recognition (OCR)



Step two is the scanned images` post processing:

We delete empty/useless pages, rotate pages which were made rotated 90 degrees, and we raise the contrast. Text recognition (OCR) works better if the letters have high contrast compared to background.

Step three is the OCR

After scanning and post processing we have hundreds of sharp, high quality images by every bookpage. Our OCR software recognizes images, and characters and transforms the separate images to one, editable word document, or a scrollable PDF. Its accuracy depends on character types, an average book that made with popular character type, accuracy can reach 100%. If a book contains old characters, we have to teach the software them.

After recognition we check the text quality and finalize the document into the desired format (Word, PDF, Txt, ebook)


Scanning and storing of DOCUMENTS

-Two-sided pages are also accepted;
-In PDF, TIFF, or JPG format;
-As required we scan on 150, 200 or 300 dpi.

The preparation, scanning, saving to image of documents based on condition 0.03 - 0.33 £
OCR processing per page based on preliminary est 0.03 - 0.33 £
Document storing in archive boxes (5-6 folder/box) per boxes 1.19 £/month
Shredding on DIN P-4 level of safety (160 mm² sized confetti is made) per pages 0.05 £

The prices are highly influenced by filing e.g. removal of paperclips, the append type, genotherms, ask for a free survey from our colleague!