-After digitizing I would like to store my photos without quality degradation. What is the solution?


The paper material will grow old eventually, but it can be slowed with proper storage:
Photographic paper likes the same conditions like us: 20-25 Celsius degrees, 40-50% relativ moisture and clean air. Higher temperature or moist fastens the chemical process, which causes the paper to be rigid and start to discolor. In wet enviroment molding is usual. It should be taken into account that the basement is more wet, the attic and the top of the furniture can be warmer that the usual climate of the house. Light can also damage the paper, especially the one with much ultraviolet wavelength, like fluorescent lamp or sunlight. Light further exposures the image, fades the colors. As red is the most durable color, some old, colroful picture consists only of red.dr
Summarizing: photos need a place with dryness and room temperature, protected from light and dust, still capable of ventilation.

Scanning of PHOTOS, prints, drawings, artwork   Printing of photos      
    On high-quality glossy photo paper with dye sublimation process, varnished.
- The dust is remowed before scanning;  
- Digital images are rotated, cropped, color-managed;   9 x 13 cm 0.39 £    
- Significant dust and scratches are retouched digitally;   10 x 15 cm 0.49 £    
- The JPG or TIFF images are saved to individual folders;   13 x 18 cm 0.69 £    
- You can take it on pendrive or DVD, but we recommend both for data safety. 15 x 20 cm 0.99 £    
      20 x 30 cm 1.29 £    
300 dpi 0.29 £   30 x 40 cm 2.99 £    
600 dpi 0.49 £          
1200 dpi 0.99 £          
Scanning of large-scale pictures     Retouching of photos    
300 dpi per squares   26.9 £/m2   Digital retouching per working minutes 0.5 £    
600 dpi per squares 53.9 £ /m2   Basic retouch (includes 3 minutes of retouching) 1.5 £    
E.g. an image scanning of 40*60 cm on 300 dpi: 6,45£     Photo mosaic making 15 £    

We give you a custom bid in case of extra large resolution, scanning from scrap book or scanning in order

or particular file naming, depending on the complexity of the task.