Scanning from scrapbook

If you don`t store your old photograps in paper envelopes, then these are probably in a scrapbook. The scanning of a page of a scrapbook is possible, but not expedient: the focus of the optics of the scanners are setted to the scanner glass, so everything what contacts the glass is going to be sharp. A photograph glued to a cardboard will never contact the glass. For the best quality, someone should get the photos out of the book before scanning. If we have to do this the price will be 50% more, because the preparation time is lenghtened. It will still be the same 50% if the pictures stays in the scrap book and we have to scan them as a page. We scan thousands of pictures a month, the preparation would be longer, just as the finishing time.

You would like to save the extra charge? Get the photos out of the book and bring them in envelopes.

-This way the photos will contact the scanner glass;

-They will be flat, it decreases the chance of the light reflection of the reader;

-The scanning will be finished sooner.


A little help:

-You will not have any problem with the scrap books with plastic pocket or photo corner, the pictures easily come out of them.

-Some book`s pages are glued, so you can lute the photos in and put a foil on - at first the pictures come out easily, with aging it gets harder…

-There are rope tied books, which could’t be opened enough to put into the scanner, so it also have to be tied in and out at home.

-Pictures glued on a cardboard are harder to get off, but solvable: It is important not to strain them upwards, because the surface will bend or break. Cautiously reaching under the edges you can cut the glue with a copper wire or a strong fishing line. If it doesn’t works, you can use a blade of a box cutter or a sharp knife. Always push the blade towards the cardboard so you don’t cut the picture. Some glues will soften to heat, sometimes a hair dryer also works.

Scanning of PHOTOS, prints, drawings, artwork   Printing of photos      
    On high-quality glossy photo paper with dye sublimation process, varnished.
- The dust is remowed before scanning;  
- Digital images are rotated, cropped, color-managed;   9 x 13 cm 0.39 £    
- Significant dust and scratches are retouched digitally;   10 x 15 cm 0.49 £    
- The JPG or TIFF images are saved to individual folders;   13 x 18 cm 0.69 £    
- You can take it on pendrive or DVD, but we recommend both for data safety. 15 x 20 cm 0.99 £    
      20 x 30 cm 1.29 £    
300 dpi 0.29 £   30 x 40 cm 2.99 £    
600 dpi 0.49 £          
1200 dpi 0.99 £          
Scanning of large-scale pictures     Retouching of photos    
300 dpi per squares   26.9 £/m2   Digital retouching per working minutes 0.5 £    
600 dpi per squares 53.9 £ /m2   Basic retouch (includes 3 minutes of retouching) 1.5 £    
E.g. an image scanning of 40*60 cm on 300 dpi: 6,45£     Photo mosaic making 15 £    

We give you a custom bid in case of extra large resolution, scanning from scrap book or scanning in order

or particular file naming, depending on the complexity of the task.