- I can also scan photos, there is a scanner at my office/home!


Scanners at offices are designed to digitize documents fastly, not accurate color reproduction. Every scanner we use represent the maximum 4.0 Dmax value, so it can differentiate small shades, a cheap scanner would see uniform.
A usual office scanner represent 2-2.8 Dmax value, which is far not enough for a picture of 3.5 dinamic range.
Three things are required for qualitative iamge processing:
-Expensive scanner;
-Expensive scanner control and post-processing software;
-At least a year until you learn its usage.
Fortunately we all have these!

 - Photograph scanning happens with top quality Epson and Canon LED scanner, which doesnt`t warm up (damages) the sensitive photograps.
- Before saving we remove the dust from the pictures with compressed air and fix the irregularities, on which the puckup`s light would reflect.
- The glass of the scanner is cleaned after every scanning to have clear images.
- After scanning we rotate the pictures, crop them, set the colors and save into TIFF os JPG.

Scanning of PHOTOS, prints, drawings, artwork   Printing of photos      
    On high-quality glossy photo paper with dye sublimation process, varnished.
- The dust is remowed before scanning;  
- Digital images are rotated, cropped, color-managed;   9 x 13 cm 0.39 £    
- Significant dust and scratches are retouched digitally;   10 x 15 cm 0.49 £    
- The JPG or TIFF images are saved to individual folders;   13 x 18 cm 0.69 £    
- You can take it on pendrive or DVD, but we recommend both for data safety. 15 x 20 cm 0.99 £    
      20 x 30 cm 1.29 £    
300 dpi 0.29 £   30 x 40 cm 2.99 £    
600 dpi 0.49 £          
1200 dpi 0.99 £          
Scanning of large-scale pictures     Retouching of photos    
300 dpi per squares   26.9 £/m2   Digital retouching per working minutes 0.5 £    
600 dpi per squares 53.9 £ /m2   Basic retouch (includes 3 minutes of retouching) 1.5 £    
E.g. an image scanning of 40*60 cm on 300 dpi: 6,45£     Photo mosaic making 15 £    

We give you a custom bid in case of extra large resolution, scanning from scrap book or scanning in order

or particular file naming, depending on the complexity of the task.